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Spirit Dice is a free app that is taking entertainment apps by storm. Tap into your brain power to find different messages practically every day. Feel a deep connection to your loved ones on the other side and decipher the psychic messages around you. Just shake the dice and use the letters to find the word or message being communicated. You'll quickly become more intuitive and connected to the spirit realm.

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About Jane

When creating Spirit Dice, Jane wasn't trying to make a hit free app—she was just using her alphabetical dice. Soon, she realized that these dice were a great tool for people who aren't spiritual mediums to tap into their psychic abilities. What started as a board game has turned into a fun, easy-to-use app that people love.

Jane has always cared about helping other people, and draws true joy from assisting others in connecting with loved ones. If you are grieving over a loved one who has passed, this app can give you hope. You'll start finding messages left for you while exercising your brain, all with the help of Jane and her app.

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